Lymphoedema Management

Lymphoedema is managed by using techniques of Complete Decongestive Therapy.

This includes:

  • Education and advice on skin care, appropriate exercise and diet
  • Assessment of limbs/Range of movement/current and past medical conditions/issues
  • Assessment of limbs includes assessing limb volume/Extracellular fluid load
    – Including Objective circumferential measurements/Bio-impedance measurement using an L-Dex U-400
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
    – a modified form of massage
  • Applying Infra-red laser (model LTU-904), which is also called Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
    – In particular treatment of scars and fibrous lesions
  • Application of Lymph taping/Kinesiotaping using Cure tape
  • Compression bandaging
    – Applying various types and techniques of bandages to reduce arm/leg volume, using Mobiderm/Coban/Comprilan
  • Garment prescription and fitting
    – Individual care plans focused on self-directed care and maintenance of this life long condition
    – Prescription of an appropriate compression garment/wrap either ‘ready to wear’ or custom made
  • Application of a Vascular Compression Pump
    – Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) therapy is the application of external pressure to limbs in order to improve the circulation of blood to the limbs and to move lymphatic fluid from the limbs and abdomen.

Management of Breast Cancer

  • Individual care plans for women/men who are on the journey of breast cancer includes; pre-operative assessment, education on management and preventative strategies
  • Post-operative Treatment and management of radiation burns/cording (axillary web syndrome)/breast/arm swelling/seroma’s/scar tissue management and mobilization and cellulitis


Management of Lipo-Lymphoedema includes:

  • Education and advice on skin care, diet management options and careful planning of appropriate exercise
  • Assessment of limbs/Range of movement/current and past medical conditions/issues
  • Application of techniques of CDT (manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, garment/wrap prescription and fitting, Lymph taping, Low level laser therapy, Vascular compression pump)
  • Preparation for patients who are undergoing Liposuction/De-bulking surgery
  • Hospital visit to manage and treat Lymphoedema post-operatively
  • Long term care plan management plans include conservative/or surgical options

Remedial/relaxation/pregnancy Massage

  • Remedial/relaxation massage
    – Includes a careful assessment of the current need for treatment whether it is for injury management or rehabilitation and a tailor made treatment plan together with the client will be developed, which may include several sessions
  • Pregnancy massage
    – Includes a plan tailor made to the client’s current level of pregnancy to reduce the back/leg aches and pains of the stress of pregnancy, taking great care to support ‘Mum to be’ at this special time